Manufacturing and marketing of quality products, affordable to the global masses having international quality is the motto of Leedskem. In the pharmaceutical industry QUALITY is the core part of the Total Quality Management.

The quality excellence can be achieved with the adoption of the superior technology and supplying products as per the changing needs of the customers. The Quality Assurance Department, managed by qualified personnel, constantly examines quality considerations – performing systematic sampling and testing at every stage from raw materials, till the finished product. The company’s quality standards are in accordance with the International Standards ISO-9001:2008, ISO-14001:2004 and OHSAS-18001:2007.

Our Quality Control Lab is equipped with modern analytical instruments like :

  Gas Chromatograph   Netel (Omega QC+)
  Gas Chromatograph   Young Link 6100 GC
  UV – Vis Spectrometer   Elico SL 159
  HPLC Isocratic

   - 510 Pump
   - 486 Detector

  HPLC Gradient System

   - 2489 Detector
   - 600 Controller
   - 717 Auto Sampler
   - Inline Degasser AF

  Atomic Absorption Spectrometer   Elico
  pH Meter   Elico LI 120
  K.F Apparatus    Veego Matic 1
  M. P Apparatus   V Scientific
  TLC UV Cabinet